Minnesota Trucking Services

Dedicated Services:  One day, one week, one month, and beyond-  if you need a dedicated truck or a fleet of trucks to deliver your shipping needs, our drivers are both experienced and professional- running dedicated deliveries throughout Minnesota.

Dock to Dock Delivery Service in MN

Dock to Dock Services:  Many of our daily routes take us from dock to dock in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  You will usually find our trucks right next door to the docks where your shipping request needs to be picked up or delivered.

Jobsite Deliveries:  Need a shipment to be delivered directly to your jobsite? No problem!  Russell Delivery has many years of experience working with different companies to get their shipments to their jobsite- when they need it.


Direct RUSH Shipments:  Need a shipment to be delivered on the fly?  At Russell Delivery we specialize in turning around your Rush freight request within a few hours.

Appointment Deliveries:  Need a scheduled delivery that you can count on? Russell Delivery has a great reputation for organizing and delivering shipments throughout Minnesota, with appointed times for delivery.


Same Day Deliveries:  Need a delivery picked up in the AM and delivered in the PM?  With our detailed scheduling, Russell Delivery can pick up your shipment in the morning and have it delivered the same day.  This is a service which Russell Delivery excels in.

Lift Gate Deliveries:  If you don’t have a loading dock or access to one to ship or receive your shipment, not to worry.  With our lift gate dock truck, Russell Delivery can serve as your number one, convenient choice to deliver your shipping needs to any location.  Even if a loading dock is not available, Russell Delivery will safely deliver your merchandise.

Lift Gate Deliveries in Minneapolis

Next Day Routing:  Need a shipment to be picked up and routed for delivery the next day?  Russell Delivery’s cross dock warehouse allows for quick and accurate routing for next day deliveries.

Flatbed Services:  Russell’s drivers are experienced with many types of flatbed services, from delivering to construction sites, working with lumber companies, home improvement companies, steel companies, and those special orders which require a reliable flatbed trucking company.

Flatbed Trucking Minnesota

Storage Trailers:  Need long term or short term storage trailers? Russell Delivery has provided reliable storage trailer equipment to multiple companies ranging from furniture companies to electrical companies and everything in between.

Minnesota Storage Trailer

Warehousing:  Short or long term warehousing is a service that Russell provides with great communication and security of your merchandise in our secured inventory controlled warehouse.

Secured Warehousing Location

Minnesota Warehousing

Warehousing Minneapolis